About Activate Within


The Mission

Activate Within’s mission is to create a new generation of leaders and workplace norms to create socially conscious, impactful businesses that value people first.

About Jenn

Jenn founded Activate Within in 2019 after a nearly 20 year career in business management, organizational change and leadership. She recognized major shifts taking place in the business community and wanted to solely focus on acting as a coach and facilitator for helping professionals and businesses navigate change and strengthen from the inside out. Plus she felt it was time to begin a new chapter for her personal and professional goals.

Jenn coaches established and rising leaders to understand the changing needs of people- self and others- and how to be a change maker and leader.

She also leads workshops and experiences based on enhancing the employee experience.

She has worked with a diverse range of companies- including startups, tech companies, research institutions, biopharmaceutical, financial services, nonprofits and more.

She is resident of Berlin-based think tank and community, House of Beautiful Business, that is focused on breaking status-quo business culture and investing in forward-thinking, creative businesses.

Jenn has a BS in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, is a certified coach, holds certifications in Emotional Intelligence for Leaders and Mindful Leadership.


Core values & guiding principles

  • Everything is interconnected. Life. Work. It can and should be enjoyable. 
  • Our personal values and priorities should guide how we spend time, resources and energy including career paths and where we choose to work. 
  • Culture matters. The narrative that says we need to accept a career or work environment that drains us of lifeforce or lacks dignity in exchange for financial security or professional growth is untrue, old and dying. 
  • Corporate warrior culture (more, harder, faster) is a byproduct of narrow-minded profit chasing. It’s time to reset and expand priorities. 
  • We need new KPI’s including the health, safety, well-being and livelihood of employees. 
  • All stakeholders (not just financial ones) are equally important. 
  • Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity and Belonging are key elements of a healthy community. Invest in it. 
  • Practice mindfulness, self, social and situational awareness. It makes you a better human and stronger leader.
  • All businesses have a responsibility and opportunity to be an engine for social good. 

Social impact

We believe in giving back and contributing to an evolving world. Here’s how we currently do that.   

  • Activate Within provides pro bono coaching and mentoring for 2 rising leaders each quarter. This is reserved for emerging professionals with up to 3 years of experience in a professional role. It facilitates a deeper understanding of self, gives guidance on setting work/life goals, and supports navigating the complexities of the workforce. Interested in a spot? Contact jenn@activate-within.com 
  • We maintain a residency (membership) with The House of Beautiful Business to participate in thought leadership and to act as a catalyst for forward-thinking business transformation. 
  • We donate to MAPS monthly to support healthy, responsible use of plants and psychedelics to treat trauma and expand the options to learn, grow and heal humans.

Ready to re-energize your business?

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