A Beautiful Work Experience Workshop

Reports are showing upwards of 50% of employees are considering a career or job change. Employees are frustrated, drained and distraught with the average work experience – but most don’t want to change.

They want employers that take the time to:

  • Listen
  • Connect
  • Give space for their voices and feelings to be heard
  • Mold an environment that is nourishing and supportive to them as people

They want safe, brave dialogue about values, needs and truths. They want connection, humanness and opportunities that reflect the changing times. Many employers also want to provide these things. They earnestly want to reward their professionals with a beautiful work life. But there is often a disconnect.

The Beautiful Work Experience Workshop facilitates a deep journey that evaluates where people are today, bringing them closer to their values, priorities and needs as individuals. It serves as a reset for teams to understand each other more, as who we have become through a global pandemic and what we are growing into.

It can be used to create a framework for team agreements and alliances to intentionally build a culture that employees co-create and own. It instills reflection, mindfulness and strategic conversation about who a team is, and who they want to be.

For Companies & Teams:

That recognize the workplace is a state of major redesign driven by changing people needs- and they want to create a brave, open space for authentic dialogue on needs, values and priorities.


That want to co-create culture together from all levels of the organization to bolster communication, empowerment, ownership and leadership development.

That understand the desired work experience of today and tomorrow is radically different than status-quo careers and organizations of yesterday. They are eager and willing to design a workplace that aligns with current people needs- to keep and find talent and build a sustainable business. 

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