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Individual Leadership Coaching

What it means to be a professional in today’s world is complex and changing rapidly. The workplace is in a state of flux and re-creation…existing in the liminal space between what we knew, what we are currently experiencing and questioning, and what lies ahead.

People needs have changed, with more and more people wanting greater freedom and flexibility, meaningful work, authentic leadership, a career that aligns with their values and purpose and greater choice.

You may be:

  • a leader looking for support as you navigate workplace and leadership change – wanting to develop or bolster new skills to lead your organization forward.
  • a rising leader, looking for guidance on how to grow into the type of leader this new world needs.
  • a professional at a cusp, wondering if you should stay or if you should go because your workplace no longer fits.
  • reaching out on behalf of an organization, to offer coaching as a development tool for your people.
  • in another place altogether, and want a brainstorming partner on what’s next.

Coaching is a deep process of self inquiry, understanding who you are, your mental and emotional tendencies, goals, values, priorities, blind spots and opportunities. It’s trying on a new lens and different perspectives to find the right fit that moves you closer to your authentic voice and nature, aligning your internal environment with your external one. It’s evaluating how you show up – as a person and a leader – and clearing away mindsets, beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve you, or the evolving professional environment.

Leadership coaching sharpens your tools as a professional and gives you 1:1 guidance on becoming your strongest self.

This is for Companies, Teams, Professionals:

That are seeking, or want to offer, deep support and guidance for leaders (executive, mid-level and emerging) to bolster personal and professional growth.

To create a culture of learning for people, teams and organizations, providing a channel for exploration, ideas and growth. 

To facilitate an honest assessment of self- to discover and leverage an individual’s unique assets, talents, gifts, values, truths and passions. 

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