Mindful Leaders Workshop

A Stanford Business School study concluded that self-awareness has become the most important business trait in the knowledge economy, period.

In a noisy, fast-paced, information-saturated world, it can be difficult to maintain a sense of balance, presence, mental and emotional equanimity. Stimuli, distractions and competing demands are a constant factor.

Professionals that possess a keen sense of awareness are better able to connect to self, others and situations around them. They can:

  • lead from a more authentic place.
  • make grounded decisions.
  • navigate complexity with greater ease.
  • model a healthy mental and emotional spectrum.
  • infuse the workplace with steadiness. 

Mindful traits and techniques are also used to build healthy workplace cultures that foster connection, creativity, communication and collaboration.  It’s essential for any team, whether virtual, in person or hybrid.

This workshop gives an overview of what mindfulness is, why it’s a strategic imperative for professionals and organizations today, how to begin integrating mindful techniques into an organizational setting, and how to use finely-tuned awareness to change leadership and businesses from the inside out.

This is for Companies & Teams:

That want to learn more about mindfulness and awareness as a strength for leadership development.

Expanding their toolkit of capabilities to include mental and emotional techniques to navigate complexity and change.

That are intentionally designing team and organizational cultures that embody awareness, empathy, understanding and ownership.

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