We Come Together

Hello dear ones! Friends. Colleagues. Peers. Leaders. Community Members. Family. Clients. Seekers. Wisdom Holders. Strategic Advisors. Visionaries. Builders and Remodelers of a New Way. 

The time has come for us to gather. Welcome and Cheers! 

I’m Jenn Urso, Founder of Activate Within Coaching & Consulting. I lovingly and with intense passion invite you into this space for conscious business creators. 

Here we evoke courage, vulnerability, and creativity. We come to the table with open minds, hearts, wills, spirits and hands. We summon our best selves, individually and collectively, to come to full bloom. 

We join forces to delve into empowerment that is born within. We learn to cultivate that power at will and with ease. We shed the outdated, expired, stale ways. We become leaders in a new paradigm that we collectively build and practice. We share. We stumble. We learn and continue moving forward. 

The world is changing. That’s a fact. It always is but at an accelerated rate. 2020 has shown us that it’s time to dig deep, grow, transform, step up and rearrange many elements of society. It’s time for renewal and metamorphosis. 

The mission of Activate Within is to lift humanity through a conscious business community. Can I get an OH YESSSS?! And I raise a glass that is not only full, but brimming with joy and opportunity, to this declaration. 

It took me some time to crystallize my vision and mission. It was a deep process of leaning in, embracing the uncertainty, learning and growing, understanding my purpose and how to birth that into life. 

Life is a journey…I entered the professional world in 2002 and fell in love with the vast way business shaped life. It is through business that the entrepreneurial spirit is unleashed, visionaries channel their creative fire, massive amounts of people get to enjoy growth, community, financial stability, products and services are offered that change the way we experience life, thought leadership abounds and society is elevated on a global scale. 

But as I moved through my career I felt a disconnect that was echoed by many clients, colleagues, friends, mentors, partners and leaders across a span of titles, industries, regions and nations. 

The collective sentiment was a deep hunger for consciousness, for an increased level of awareness that is honored, valued, rewarded and practiced, in life and in the business setting. Let me be clear, many if not most businesses are trying, but there is a call, need and opportunity to deepen and expand this. By bringing a deeper level of awareness into the professional realm and into businesses, it changes lives

Think about the number of businesses that exist on a global scale and the enormous footprint and impact they hold. From employees, their families and networks, consumers, investors, advisers, board members, partners, suppliers, distributors, communities and the planet. The power of business is widespread and beautiful! 

If more leaders, professionals and organizational cultures made conscious decisions and operated from a place of conscious business practices, it would naturally create an elevated business model that influences and shapes the world. 

Many of you reading this are already on a conscious path and I applaud you. You are the ones I want to co-create with. For others, this material may feel new and that’s great too. I invite you in. 

I hope this fills you with intrigue, wonder, hope, inspiration, motivation, desire. It’s time to come together and rebuild the path forward. Take my hand and I’ll take yours. Together our community will grow.

Activate Within will continue to share insights, stories, practices and relevant information aimed at creating a conscious and awake business community that you can use personally and within your organizations and communities. 

With deep gratitude, excitement and appreciation, I thank you for bringing your heads, hearts, spirits and hands into our circle. 

Here’s what you can do.

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Share with your people. Forward to your employees, team members, leaders, colleagues, peers, networks and communities. 

Stay curious, open, and willing. 

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