What Is Conscious Leadership?

Let’s begin with this. What is consciousness? There is a much more complex, fuller answer, but for simplicity and to align with our purposes, let’s distill and define as deep-seated awareness. 

This awareness influences all decisions and acts as a lens and filter for seeing, feeling, sensing, experiencing, and directing life. Think of it as a central programming hub for decision-making, attitudes and beliefs. 

For some this awareness is turned on and highly functioning, either inherently or taught through life experiences. For others, it needs to be activated, nurtured, and strengthened. But once it’s turned on, it serves as a gateway to an ever-evolving and expanding world of possibilities. 

Leadership is the ability and intention to lead, influence and command. Integrating the two, conscious leadership is leadership that is rooted within, drawn from a place of deep-seated awareness. 

This awareness grows with time, attention, energy and resources, like most skills that are practiced. Just like a new ice skater fumbles on the ice at first, with the right intention to achieve mastery, dedicated time to practice, a guide to push them, and attention to detail, this same skater becomes a pro. Same thing with beginning to live life, and lead self and others, from a place of consciousness. It requires presence and commitment. 

It requires digging deeper, reaching new levels of clarity and vision, accepting strengths and weaknesses, identifying new sets of challenges and opportunities and investing in elevation of self and those around you. 

This level of awareness can be unnerving to some. It shines a bright light on blemishes- mindsets, behaviors, choices, norms and patterns that are unserving or downright harmful to self, teams, cultures, organizations and communities. It forces us to see how we’ve been showing up, determine how we want to show up moving forward and create a tactful plan of change integration. 

With this elevated awareness and presence, the world around you comes into greater focus. Those blurry areas around the periphery of vision come into the light, bringing opportunities for growth. The facets that were doing ok can become great. Surviving can turn into thriving. 

It’s a process of transition and transformation that come with moments of pleasure and pain, comfort and discomfort, breakdowns and breakthroughs. 

Is it worth it? Will the rewards outweigh the risks? Will the effort bring new value to you as a professional and leader? Will your teams, organizations, stakeholders and communities benefit? 

It’s a whopping YES to me, but that’s likely obvious! We’ll unpack this more in future blogs. Join the journey. 

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